• Game in Soft Launch: Everdale
    It’s not so long time ago when Supercell announced three new “Clash” games (namely Clash Quest, Clash Mini, and Clash Heroes). For me personally, this announcement was interesting more because of a number of new titles than the games themselves. So when they back in august 2021 introduced another new title, everybody in the industry […]
  • 5 Lessons learned from our Hackathon project
    I consider myself a big fan of Game Jams. I attended many of them during the last few years and tried different roles – from the solo developer, to work in a pair or just as a member of a bigger team. I always found it very refreshing to work on something new, unique, something […]
  • Game in Soft Launch: Farmville 3 – Animals
    FarmVille3 – Animals is the newest member of Zynga’s family of games with farming theme. The whole series started back in 2009 as regular web browser game. This was not only the beginning of this popular game series, but also a significant moment for the whole social and casual game industry. The game was still […]
  • Can Be Resources Management Fun?
    Managing resources is an activity which occurs in most free to play games. If it is upgrading heroes/buildings, fulfilling quests or just exchanging them for lives. They are also a part of the game’s economy. And economy is what drives player’s progression towards their short and long term goals. A few weeks ago I started […]
  • Hooked Framework in the Context of Free to Play Games
    Book “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products” by Nir Eyal is well known between people in the industry. It’s not surprising. Retention is always one of the most important KPI, especially in mobile free to play business. Hooked framework is describing the loop, which your players have to experience on their journey with your game. […]
  • My experience with Machinations
    When you tried to search for tools created specifically for Game Designers, you probably came across Machinations – tool and visual language, designed to simulate game systems and mechanics through a set of standardized elements (nodes), which communicate through connections.

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